Flashback: Clone Wars – Medstar II: Jedi Healer


While the Clone Wars wreak havoc throughout the galaxy, the situation on the far world of Drongar is desperate, as Republic forces engage in a fierce fight with the Separatists. The threatened enemy offensive begins as the Separatists employ legions of droids into their attack. Even with reinforcements, the flesh and blood of the Republic forces are just no match for battle droids’ durasteel. Nowhere is this point more painfully clear than in the steaming Jasserak jungle, where the doctors and nurses of a small med unit face an impossible situation. As the dead and wounded start to pile up, surgeons Jos Vandar and Kornell “Uli” Divini know that time is running out. Even the Jedi abilities of Padawan Barriss Offee have been stretched to the limit. Ahead lies a test for Barriss that could very well lead to her death-and that of countless others. For the conflict is growing-and for this obscure mobile med unit, there’s only one resolution. Shocking, bold, unprecedented, it’s the only option Jos and his colleagues really have. The unthinkable has become the inevitable. Whether it kills them or not remains to be seen.

4th Clone Wars novel
Era: Republic, 20 years Before the Battle of Yavin/2 years After the Battle of Geonosis
Author: Michael Reaves and Steve Perry
ISBN: 0-345-46311-0 (Del Rey)
Tossed: 15 May 2006

Total waste. Not even the suspense of the spy’s identity or the few humorous moments/dialog could not make up for the tedious, drawn out plot. The authors expertly kept the reader guessing about the spy, but truthfully the whole thing could have been told in one book and been satisfying. I made myself read the whole thing, without skimming ahead. I wish I hadn’t. Most of the story lines were wrapped up neatly, except for the bird-like assassin’s fate. He just jumps into light-speed, giving me the impression that the bird might be back in a future story.


Did Not Like



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