Double Life


Double Life Ash Corbett had been gone for twelve years. And now he was back in Jacob’s Pass, Texas, as brash and as beautiful as ever. But something about him wasn’t right. His family knew it. . . Emma Novick knew it. And what would take DNA typing precious tie to reveal, Emma had only to look in his eyes and sample one kiss to know for sure.

Author: Amanda Stevens
ISBN: 0-373-22954-2 (Harlequin Intrigue)
Finshed: 17 July 2007
Who: Emma Novick

Imposter stories can be tricky in romances, especially if the imposter is either the hero or the heroine — and more so if they have a past. After all, they’re suppose to be soul mates. How could the heroine fall in love with someone who wasn’t the man she loved?

This is my third Intrigue and it is by far my favorite. I was caught up in the story. I questioned whether the author could present the reader with a hero who may not be the real Ash, and still have the reader be sympathetic toward him. Since the rest of Ash Corbett’s family consists of a tyrannical matriarch grandmother and an assortment of equally manipulative and selfish aunts and uncles who threaten Emma and her father with unemployment, I found myself hoping that Ash — regardless of his true identity — would just whisk her and her father away.

As long as there was a believable connection between the supposed Ash and Emma, and she could be happy with the man in front of her instead of the one in her memory, then I could accept their story.


Liked A Lot

Liked A Lot


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