A Lady of Rare Quality


A Lady of Rare Quality

A Lady of Rare Quality

Author: Anne Ashley
Copyright: 2006 (Harlequin); pgs. 297
Series: Harlequin Historical #200 (Regency)
Sensuality: Kisses

Who: Annis Milbank and Deverel Greythorpe (Viscount Greythorpe)

Summary: They’ve never seen Viscount Greythorpe listen so intently when a lady speaks. To have caught the eye of this esteemed gentleman, Miss Annis Milbank must be a lady of rare quality.

Comments: This book was a nice change of pace, after Black Ice and Silent in the Grave. I particularly liked Deverel and Annis. The viscount is a serious man, but not a recluse or a rake. Up until he meets Annis, his criteria for his potential viscountess is that she be a kind and affectionate mother. Once he gets to know her, he realizes he also wants an intelligent and capable wife as well. Annis is just that. However, Annis is not really looking for a husband. She’s financially comfortable and she’s not after a title. All that Deverel can do is ask her to stay longer, hoping that she’ll grow to like him well enough to accept his proposal. For her part, she has grown to admire and respect him during her stay at Greythorpe. She doesn’t realize the depths of her feeling for him until she believes he’s on the brink of proposing to another woman.

The rest of the story I thought was so-so. There is a small mystery as to who has a grudge against Deverel and why. I thought the who was obvious — though the why wasn’t what I suspected.

I liked the author’s book, Beloved Virgo, much better than this one. But, as I stated above, I was looking for a “quieter” book, and it fit the bill.

Started: 18 February 2008
Finished: 24 February 2008

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