Covers, Part 1


I don’t know how often I’ll do this — here are the covers of books I’m eagerly waiting for.

My Lord and Spymaster

Already on order.

Wild Hunt

Hmmm. Still like the Risk and Kol covers better. 🙂

Dark Deceiver

Pretty. Then again, I think the Nocturne line’s jewel-toned covers are very pretty in general.

Magic Burns

Soon. So very soon. Like, in 14 days.

That’s all for now. 🙂



Covers, Part 1 — 3 Comments

  1. I’m really excited about My Lord and Spymaster, and that cover is so much better than TSL.

    I have not read any books from the Nocturne line. If I wanted to give it a go, what would you recommend?

  2. Brie,

    The links are to my reviews:

    Unbound and Guardian’s Keep by Lori Devoti – Lori uses Norse legends/mythology in her world building. Risk (Unbound) and Venge (from the new book, Wild Hunt) are hellhounds. Kol, hero from Guardian’s Keep, is a garm (wolf). The heroines, Kara (Unbound) and Kelly (Guardian’s Keep), are twins and witches. Unbound was my favorite Nocturne last year.

    Dark Gate by Pamela Palmer – the villain is very creepy. Another favorite book from last year.

    The only other Nocturnes I’ve read so far where the books of the Raintree trilogy. Inferno and Haunted, I enjoyed. Sanctuary was a major let down.