Round 2, Part 1


I know the voting in Round 2 of the DABWAHA is far from over, but at this point in time — I’m tied for 1st!!

My pick for THE ONE BOOK TO RULE THEM ALL was Silent in the Grave, which was eliminated by — get this — Magic Bites. The only two books I read, and I backed the wrong one! 🙁 My projected standing at this juncture is 188th, thanks to the elimination of my pick.

As for the 2nd chance pool, that doesn’t go into effect until Monday.

My picks are here.


Round 2, Part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. Wow…you’re doing really well. I am waaaayyyy down the list somewhere! But I have had fun so that’s good! Right?

  2. Not long after I posted this entry, SBTB posted the results of their round of polls (Blood Bound vs Demon Angel). That bumped me down to 2nd (tied). It also ended my chances with the 2nd Chance pool. But, yes it has been fun. 🙂