Pub2008 Reading Challenge Wrap-Up


I guess I can’t count. I officially completed this challenge on 6 July, but I just realized it when I sat down to update my main challenge page. The sad part is that I’ve updated that page several times since then.

I plan to continue tracking the books with 2008 publication dates in this wrap-up post. And if there’s a similar challenge next year, I will definitely participate. Thanks, 3M, for hosting this year.

It would be hard to pick, out of the official eight, which was my absolute favorite. I enjoyed all of them, but I gave Texas Ransom a 3 stars rating — the rest are 4 or 5.

My list (Books in RED are on more than one list/alternate list):

  • Texas Ransom by Amanda Stevens {6 Jul 08} (REVIEW)
  • Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews {5 Apr 08} (REVIEW)
  • State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy {9 Jan 08} (REVIEW)
  • The Good Liar by Laura Caldwell {29 Jun 08} (REVIEW)
  • Guardian’s Keep by Lori Devoti {27 Jan 08} (REVIEW)
  • The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne {5 Mar 08} (REVIEW)
  • Wild Hunt by Lori Devoti {26 May 08} (REVIEW)
  • Dark Deceiver by Pamela Palmer {19 May 08} (REVIEW)

Extra Credit – Finished after 6 July:

  • Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke {9 Jul 08} (REVIEW)
  • Twist by Colby Hodge {2 Sep 08} (REVIEW)
  • Personal Demons by Stacia Kane {13 Sep 08} (REVIEW)
  • Nightkeepers (Jessica Andersen) {12 Oct 08} (REVIEW)
  • The Devil’s Footprints (Amanda Stevens) {21 Oct 08} (REVIEW)

Updated 11 Nov 08 — 3M is hosting a Countdown 2009 challenge, retroactive back to August 8, 2008. Starting with Twist, the Extra Credit reads are now counted on that challenge. Go here to see my progress.



Pub2008 Reading Challenge Wrap-Up — 3 Comments

  1. Great books! Congrats on finishing the challenge! I’ve also completed this challenge, but I still have 2 more reviews to write and post on my blog.

    Like you, I want to do this challenge again next year!

  2. I’ve read more than enough books to have completed the challenge but because I like to make things harder for myself I haven’t said that I have completed it because I haven’t read the specific books that I nominated!

  3. Bobbi – Thanks! 🙂

    Marg – Back in January, I told myself that I wouldn’t say I was finished until I read all the listed books. Well, I kept adding books. :-/