Themed Reading Challenge 2009



What: Themed Reading Challenge
When: 1 February – 31 July 2009
Who: Caribousmom
Rules: Read 4 to 6 books, in six months, linked by theme. List of books may change at any time. Three different levels of participation: read at least 4 books with the same theme; read at least 5 books that share at least TWO themes; read at least 6 books that share MORE than two themes.

This year I’ve decided my theme will be “Books From the SHOMI imprint”.  The SHOMI books are speculative romances that are a combination of suspense, paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi.  I read Twist earlier this year and loved it.  It had time-travel, a vampire-like creature/alien race, a kantana-wielding heroine with a special destiny, and a wide range of pop-culture references.  I’m earger to read more.

Below is a list of books I already have.  I will read FOUR books for this challenge.

  • Driven (Eve Kenin)
  • Countdown (Michelle Maddox)
  • Moongazer (Marianne Mancusi)
  • Wired (Liz Maverick)
  • Razor Girl (Marianne Mancusi)
  • Irreversible (Liz Maverick)
  • Phenomenal Girl 5 (A. J. Menden)
  • Hidden (Eve Kenin) — sequel to Driven

I will post my progress on this page.


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