Naming Conventions Challenge Wrap-Up


What: The Naming Conventions Challenge
When: 1 September 2008 – 30 May 2009
Who: Maria (Reading My Way Through Life)
Rules: Visit her site for details.

The books can be read in any order and the list changed at any time during the challenge.

RED books are on multiple reading challenges.

I’m going with book titles only:

C – Cousin Kate (Georgette Heyer) {2 Feb 09} (REVIEW)
H – Hail to the Chef (Julie Hyzy) {1 Jan 09} (REVIEW)
R – Ravenous (Sharon Ashwood) {18 Feb 09} (REVIEW)
I – Into the Fire (Anne Stuart) {25 Apr 09} (REVIEW)
S – Silent in the Sanctuary (Deanna Raybourn) {11 Nov} (REVIEW)
T – Twist (Colby Hodge) {2 Sep 08} (REVIEW)
I – Innocence Unveiled (Blythe Gifford) {6 Jan 09} (REVIEW)
N – Nightkeepers (Jessica Andersen) {12 Oct 08} (REVIEW)
A – Ace is Wild (Penny McCall) {27 Feb 09} (REVIEW)

Another challenge completed, one that carried over from 2008. Looking over the titles, I noticed that I have a nice variety. Though most are classified as romances, they are not all the same type:

C – Regency Romance
H – Contemporary Cozy Mystery
R – Paranormal Romance (vampire, witches, etc.)
I – Contemporary Romantic Suspense (dark)
S – Victorian Mystery
T – Paranormal/Futuristic/Time-travel Romance
I – Medieval Romance
N – Paranormal Romance (Mayan Doomsday)
A – Contemporary Romantic Suspense (light)

Finding books to fit the requirements wasn’t that difficult. I did run into a problem with books that start with “I” only because, after reading Innocence Unveiled, I had a hard time finding a second book that wasn’t a sequel to something I hadn’t read or that would hold my interest after the first 50 pages.

I enjoy this type of challenge and would certainly join a similar one in the future.

This is a re-post, due to technical difficulties. Comments, if any, were lost. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Aug 09)

This is a re-post, due to data loss. (Oct 09)


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