Challenge Update – May 2009



As far as reading went, May is a bust. I did a lot of “behind the scenes” type stuff this month. I “moved” to Bluehost and started tweaking my blog (still have a few more things to sort out, but things are going smoothly). I was off from work for a week and I purged books (most went to Share the Love, but I also had a stack of books that were on wishlists at I posted four reviews. I was making progress on the back log – expecting to have two more done this weekend — until the Friday night disaster.

My laptop. It died. Or maybe just the power pack, I wasn’t sure at the time. Since my techincal guru was away this weekend, I had to wait until Sunday morning for his verdict. He thinks it’s the laptop battery. Even unplugged from the power pack, it will not power up.

So, here I am, on my mother’s laptop.

Anyway, I did actually read this month. I finished one book.

The Breakdown:

  • Countdown – New Author, Themed

All books count toward the Year of the Reader Challenge

2008-2009 Challenges
Countdown: 23/45
Series Challenge Season 3: 0/??

2009 Challenges
1st in Series: 3/12
2nds Challenge: 5/12
A-Z Challenge (Authors): 14/26
Anne Stuart Read-a-Fest: 1/??
A Year of Readers: $42.00 (21 books)
Contemporary Romance: 1/12
Chunkster: 2/??
Harlequin/Silhouette Romance: 3/5
New Author Challenge: 8/12
Pub 2009: 5/9
Romance Reading: 4/5
Summer Vacation: 0/6
Themed Reading: 2/4
Third Times A Charm: 0/3
Victorian: 1/4
What’s in a Name 2: 3/6
Year of the Category: 3/12

Perpetual Challenges
Georgette Heyer: 1

Total (Month): 1
Grand Total (Year): 21

This is a re-post. Below are the comments that I was able to salvage from the SQL file. See this post for an explanation. I apology for the inconvenience. (Aug 09)

Beth F, 2009-06-02: We all have had a bad reading month before. Here’s to a better June

Me, 2009-06-04: You’d think that, with no computer since 30 May, I’d read more. So far…no.   🙄 Thanks for the positive vibes though. 😀


This is a re-post, due to data loss. (Oct 09)


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