REVIEW – Wanted: White Wedding

Wanted: White Wedding

Wanted: White Wedding

Title: Wanted – White Wedding
Author: Natasha Oakley
Copyright: 2008 (Harlequin); 182 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-373-17515-4
Series: Harlequin Romance #4025
Sensuality: Kisses

Who: Freya Anthony and Daniel Ramsey
Where: England

Twelve years ago, Freya Anthony dropped out of school and ran away from home. She made a success of her life in London and has returned to Fellingham to help her grandmother Margaret. Margaret is in the process of moving to a smaller place and she has plans hire a local auctioneer to sell the items she won’t be taking with her to her new place. Freya is concerned that the business might not be very reputable and her grandmother will get cheated. But Margaret speaks of Daniel Ramsey,the owner, as if he was the most wonderful man on the planet.

That doesn’t reassure Freya at all, and she is determined to find out for herself whether or not Mr. Ramsey is trustworthy. After seeing the cluttered, disorganized, and empty office — no receptionist to answer the ringing phone or deal with the unexpected visitor — Freya’s opinion of the man and his business isn’t very high. Then Freya meets him and finds that Daniel Ramsey isn’t anything like she imagined him to be. She is surprised by her instant attraction to him, but notices his wedding ring and is immediately on her guard. No matter how attractive she finds him, Freya doesn’t dangle after married men. Before she can properly introduce herself, Daniel is already under the assumption that Freya is his new receptionist. He is easy-going and friendly to her, explaining what the job entails. However, Freya knows that will change once he knows her name. Though he’s not a native to Fellingham, Freya is certain Daniel has heard the gossip about her that has been buzzing around the village since the day she arrived.

Daniel Ramsey is, truthfully, as nice as Margaret makes him out to be. However, he has his hands full running his own business and being a single father coping with a rebellious teenage daughter. He’s not taking care of some aspects of his business — particularly finding a qualified office manager — and he is at his wit’s end dealing with his daughter Mia. He even goes off on Freya, when Mia skipped out of school, and ends up having to apologize to her. Daniel is doing the best he can for his daughter, but he doesn’t know how to relate to her.

Freya can’t help but get drawn into their lives. She has excellent business skills and assists Daniel while they get Margaret’s things ready for sale. But more importantly, she knows what it’s like to be a confused teenage girl who feels adrift. Though Freya had both parents, they were self-centered and their marriage was sham. She felt unloved by them. She can relate to Mia, get her to trust her, but that can be disastrous, too. Freya has no long-term plans for stay in Fellingham, and Daniel continues to wear his wedding ring, apparently not over his dead wife.

This is the third book I’ve read by this author and I really liked it. Freya and Daniel were likable and their romance was realistic. Mia was also realistic without being bratty. It was a nice change of pace to see the heroine being the successful, only-in-town-to-help-my-relative character and the hero being the struggling single parent.

Started: 23 March 2009
Finished: 26 March 2009


Enjoyed it!

Enjoyed it!

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KMont, 2009-07-01: This one does sound pretty good! I’m like you the idea of the woman being the successful one and the dad having to struggle a bit as a parent feels like a good change up.

Me, 2009-07-01:   It was! It was a quick read. I need something short to read just before MAGIC STRIKES was released. I didn’t want to start a longer book, just in case I didn’t finish it before MS arrived on my door step. 😀

Brie, 2009-07-03: Hi Christina, this book sounds like a Category that I would enjoy. Thanks for the review.

Me, 2009-07-03:  You’re welcome. 🙂


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