Victorian Challenge – Incomplete



What: Victorian Challenge
When: 1 January – 30 June 2009
Who: Alex
Rules: Choose one of four levels, based on the number of books you think you can read in six months. Books can be (a) written by Victorian writers; (b) set during Victorian times — any fiction genre; or (c) books about the time or biographies of Victorians (non-fiction). The site has suggestions listed for each.

I will be doing the “Walk in Hyde Park”:

My books will be:

  • Silent on the Moor (Deanna Raybourn) {19 Mar 09} (REVIEW)
  • And Only to Deceive (Natasha Alexander)
  • Death at Whitechapel (Robin Paige)  – DNF
  • Murder on Washington Square (Victoria Thompson)

I only managed to finish one book for this challenge. Death at Whitechapel was a DNF for me. I tried, twice, to read it but I’m not into the Jack the Ripper legend. Also, I’ve seemed to have lost interest in the series. Had I not had trouble with my computer and forced myself to slow down my reading, I probably would have read Murder on Washington Square this month.

Am I disappointed with myself? No. I knew that I probably wouldn’t have read all four books, based on the number of challenges I signed up for this year. I had the option of reading fewer books for this challenge. In hindsight, I should have gone with the just reading two.  (Three was the least I could read to meet the challenge requirements.)

Would I join again? Maybe. I’m moving next year and that will have a serious impact on my reading.

What I liked? I like the option of choosing the required number of books to fulfill the challenge. It was one of the reasons I joined in the first place.

This is a re-post, due to technical difficulties. Comments, if any, were lost. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Aug 09)

This is a re-post, due to data loss. (Oct 09)

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