REVIEW – Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke

Kiss of Fury

Kiss of Fury

Title: Kiss of Fury
Author: Deborah Cooke
Copyright: 2008 (Signet); 392 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-451-22476-7
Series: Dragonfire #2
Sensuality: Warm

Who: Alexandra Madison and Donovan Shea (warrior/Pyr)
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the Back: Scientist Alexandra Madison was on the verge of unveiling and invention that would change the world. Then her partner was murdered, their lab was burned, and their prototype destroyed. While Alex is in the hospital recovering from burns suffered in the fire, recurring dragon-haunted nightmares threaten to land her in the psychiatric ward, but she knows she has to escape to her lab to rebuild the Green Machine. Handsome, daring, and impulsive, Donovan Shea is more than willing to do his part in the Pyr/Slayer war. Assigned to protect Alex, Donovan is shocked when her presence ignites his firestorm. He has no desire for a destined mate, but Alex’s intelligence and determination inspire him to join the fight to save her invention.

Comments: I thought this one was better than the first book. I liked Donovan from the first moment we meet him in the Prologue of Kiss of Fire. He’s a fun character and I’m glad we got to know more about him so soon. I thought Alex was a good match for him. A scientist, but not absent-minded or clueless about her attraction to Donovan. I liked her a lot.

Despite the Slayers’ attack, Alex isn’t interested in being guarded by the Pyr. Given the fact that she witnessed dragons kill her partner, destroy her lab and her life’s work, it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe around them. That’s a lot to cope with in such a short time. It’s only natural that Alex would want to bolt. Also, she feels the Green Machine is more important than her own life. Alex can’t hide herself away when there’s still a chance she can have a workable prototype ready in time for the meeting with the investor.

Though Alex is just the sort of woman Donovan finds attractive, he’s not willing to consummate the firestorm. Unlike Quinn, who’s parents remained together and who also lost a woman he loved, Donovan was rejected by his mother and betrayed by a lover. Since the standard operating procedure for the Pyr is to leave their pregnant mates — Quinn’s father was an exception — Donovan is not about to do that to Alex. He’s a loner who’s not looking to settle down, even with a woman he finds to be smart, brave, and fun to be with.

Alex couldn’t agree more, as far as the pregnancy thing goes. The scientist in her isn’t buying “the first time leads to conception” line regarding the firestorm. And what about being a responsible adult and using protection? Alex never contemplated marriage and having a family. She had her work and was content to let others do the family thing. However, as she spends more time with Donovan, she begins to fall for him. The idea of settling down with Donovan begins to appeal to her. If only he wasn’t so dead set against it.

The on-going battle between the Slayer and Pyr continues. Some plot twists are revealed, pertaining to the Slayers. The Pyr are in for some surprises, plus some unexpected allies.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Rafferty. The only Pry the reader knows, for certain, who isn’t going to baulk at consummating his firestorm — and he gets passed over. Again. Poor guy. She better be wonderful, whoever she is, considering the length of time he’s been waiting for her.

Favorite Quotes:
“You seem tense. Your first stolen car?”
“First time someone tried to kidnapped me.”
“If it’s any consolation, this is my first attempted kidnapping. How am I doing?”

– Donovan, Alex

“I have three words for you. Archibald Forrester’s Buick.”
– Donovan

Started: 1 April 2009
Finished: 20 April 2009




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Renee, 2009-07-06: So glad you reviewed this. It’s been sitting on my tbr shelf since it was released. I really need to get to reading it. It sounds like a good one!

Me, 2009-07-06: It was a fun read. I’m really looking forward to the fourth book. Of course, I still have to read book 3 first. 🙄


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