Random Reading Challenge


What: Random Reading Challenge
When: 1 August 2009 – 31 July 2010
Who: Caribousmom
Rules: Randomly select books from TBR and assign a number. Using, pick a book to read. Visit her site for more precise instructions.

I’ll be doing LEVEL III – 12 Books

My first draft of this post got eaten when I updated WordPress. So, here we go. . .

I debated with myself about whether or not I should sign up for long-term challenges. But then I realized I could use this challenge to help me complete some of the others because many of them did not require a set list of books. I can, for example:

  • Randomly select books for the 1st in a Series challenge – I have a lot to choose from
  • Randomly select books, based on Copyright date, for the Pub or Countdown Challenges
  • Randomly select category romances (SuperRomances, Noturnes, etc.)
  • Randomly pick a Harry Potter book – who says I have to read them in order?!

Just kidding about that last one.

I catalog my books in a database and I can create queries and spreadsheets based on criteria (books marked ‘Shelf’, Copyright ‘2007’). I did a trial run, and I think it will work out fine, whether I use it to help with the other challenges or just select a book at random from my shelf.


This is a re-post, due to data loss. (Oct 09)

16 Aug – Beth F – “I thought this sounded fun — I signed up too.”
16 Aug – Me – “It does indeed. That’s why I worked so hard to find a way to fit in with the other challenges.”



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