A-Z Wednesday: The Contestant by Stephanie Doyle


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This week’s letter is: C

This week pick: The Contestant by Stephanie Doyle

From the back: How far would her competition go to win a million dollars? Lying? Cheating? Murder? That’s what former Olympic diver Talia Mooney feared when the body washed up on the site of the Ultimate Endurance reality TV show. Now she was stranded on a tropical island with her fellow contestants and their nervous host. One of them had to be the killer.

The Contestant
The Contestant

Was it the wannabe starlet, the underweight geek, the man having a midlife crisis? Could it be her strongest competition, the sexy smart-ass ex-cop? Talia had counted on her honed body and ferocious desire to win to pull her through. Now she must decide whom to trust — and how to beat the killer at his own game.

Comment: I had hoped that the review would be finished in time for the weekly meme. It’s not. Whether or not you like reality TV (I don’t), this was a good read. Some suspense, some romance, and I didn’t figure out the who or why ahead of time.



27 Aug – Vicki – I love reality tv and this sounds really good! Thanks for joining A-Z Wednesday!
30 Aug – Me – Thanks for stopping by! 😀


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