REVIEW – Eye of the Storm by Dee Davis

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Title: Eye of the Storm
Author: Dee Davis
Copyright: 2006 (HQN); 379 pgs.
ISBN: 0-373-77163-0
Series: N/A
Sensuality: Warm

Who: Simone Cooper Sheridan and Reece Sheridan
Where: cross-country; South America

Two years ago, I read Dee Davis’s Last Chance, Inc trilogy and liked her storytelling enough to snatch up her other romantic suspense books.

Simone Cooper Sheridan is a former covert operative, part of a group attached to the CIA. After the group was disbanded, Simone adjusted to the normal life and eventually met Reece Sheridan. They fell in love and married. Reece and his brother offered Simone something she never had: a family.

Reece’s parents had died in an accident while he was serving in the Army. He gave up his military career and became a lawyer to better raise his much younger brother, Martin. They welcomed Simone into their lives and everything seemed to be going along smoothly. However, Simone’s reluctance to talk about her past causes a rift when he learns that a story — supposedly about her past — turns out to be just that, a story from a magazine. Fed up with her secrecy, he files for divorce.

You don’t come across too many romance stories were the heroine has the black ops past. It was interesting to see the roles reversed. Simone was easy to relate to because she wasn’t a super-spy. She could handle herself in any tough situation, but she still human and imperfect. She loves Reece but she can’t tell him the truth. She’s reluctant to sign the divorce, and only does so when she receives a message from her former mentor, summoning her. The children of a man Simone’s team failed to extract from South America are looking to avenge their father. Somehow, they’ve learned who the surviving members are and where to find them. Simone doesn’t want to endanger Martin or Reece. The best way to ensure their safety is to sign the papers and get out of town quickly.

Reece doesn’t want to be divorced either, but as a lawyer, he’s big on the truth. His frustration is understandable. His marriage, he feels, was based on a lie. He doesn’t really know the women he married. Even when he learns the truth about her past, it doesn’t immediately fix their problem. They are on the run from an unidentified killer who has already wounded Martin. Not the best situation to discuss relationship issues. However, the danger to Simone makes Reece realize that he does love her, regardless, and is willing to start again if they all get out of the situation alive.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. You do have to suspend belief at times, but no more than you would for an action movie of the same genre.

Started: 20 July 2009
Finished: 5 Aug 2009


Enjoyed it!

Enjoyed it!

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