A-Z Wednesday: If the Shoe Fits by Stephanie Rowe


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A-ZWEDNESDAY The meme is hosted by Reading at the Beach.

The rules are very simple: spotlight a book that begins with the featured letter. Include the book cover, title and author, a synopsis, and link(s) to retailer(s). If it’s a book you’ve already reviewed, link to the review. Return to Reading at the Beach and leave a link in the comments.

This week’s letter is: I

This week pick: If the Shoe Fits by Stephanie Rowe.

From the back: Run hard. Run fast. Just don’t try to run in heels. Especially if your name is Paris Jackson and you’re fashion-impaired. Designer labels and stilettos aren’t exactly Paris’s thing. Give her a pair of sneakers and she’s a happy woman. That’s why she’s spending nights designing running shoes for her start-up company, and why she doesn’t have time for: an ex-husband on a therapy quest, a best friend with a death wish, a mom obsessed with funerals and ex-cons, a boyfriend who’s changing all the rules, and a confusing attraction to the boss about to fire her from her day job. And now people are telling her the way to succeed is through high-fashion shoes. Those will only trip Paris up. Won’t they?

If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits

Comment: Continuing the trend of featuring books I’ve read and reviewed. . .I read this book just over two years ago and enjoyed it very much. Funny thing — because of the name of the main character, my blog kept coming up in searches this past summer when a certain world famous singer/entertainer passed away. The character bears the same name as his daughter.



This is a re-post, due to data loss. (Oct 09)

8 Oct – Jo – I hadn’t seen this meme before but I like it – might try it myself. I hadn’t heard of this book, but I have read and enjoyed other books by Stephanie Rowe and the blurb sounds interesting, so… sounds good and I’ll keep an eye out for it.”
8 Oct – Me – “I’d never read anything by her prior to this. I remember seeing a review for it and decided to give it a try. I have her most recent romantic suspense in my TBR. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and the meme is only about two months old. :-)”


8 Oct – carol – “Sounds like a cute one. I’ve never read anythng by Rowe.”
9 Oct – Me – “It was cute, but there was some serious stuff too. It was a little chic-lit and a little contemporary romance. She has some variety: romantic suspense, paranormal romance, romantic comedy, chic-lit. :)”


10 Oct – Beth F – “Funny about the search engine results!”
10 Oct – Me – “It drove me nuts until I figured it out. :D”

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