Read-a-Thon: Reading Update



It’s been rainy. Perfect reading weather. I’ve finished the book, and I think I will move on to a short story next.

For the Love of Pete

Title: For the Love of Pete
Author: Julia Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Number of pagers: 375 (I’ll be starting on 167)
Time Start: 8am
Time End: 2:40pm

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Read-a-Thon: Reading Update — 12 Comments

  1. For the Love of Pete looks like a good book. You’re making great progress on the readathon.

  2. Hope all is going well now that we are into the 9th hour of the Read-a-Thon πŸ™‚ This is Louise cheering from Copenhagen, Denmark…

  3. Readers rule
    Readers rock
    But don’t forget
    To go for a walk

    Hmmm…if it’s raining, maybe this isn’t the best of cheers.

    Happy reading!