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Pattern Book

Pattern Book

These last few days I’ve been neglecting blog maintenance and reading in favor of working on a project I started earlier this year, and I want to give my mother for Christmas:  a shawl, made using a knitting loom.  I probably would have had it done today had I resumed working on it a day earlier (or if today hadn’t been devoted to errands and a visit from my brother and his family).   The project is 165 rows.  I had only 33 rows done when I put it aside originally, and I have approximately 45 rows left to knit.  I got the bulk of it “knitted” Thursday afternoon and Friday.  I actually resumed working on the project Wednesday, but very little progress was made due to the need to re-familiarize myself with the techniques and the pattern.  The shawl will be only the second project I’ve ever loom knitted.   Prior to that was a hat from the same leaflet — and I had to do three of them before I got the hang of it.

I’ll try to post a picture when I complete it.  Note:  It is NOT the one one the front cover of this leaflet.



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