Holiday Swap – Got Gifts!


bbhs_teaser_smallI’m a bit concerned.  I mailed my package and I know it’s been received (according to USPS).  I’ve checked regularly, and there’s been no mention on my person’s blog.  I, uh *ahem* forgot to put a card in the package.  I don’t know if that’s a contributing factor — the giftee has no clue who sent it.  I did put a card in the mail today.  Or, it’s possible she’s very busy.  Her blogs been very active these last few days.  I’ll try not to worry too much.

Today, I got my gifts.  My secret Santa is Heather from Gofita’s Pages.  The thing that brought the biggest smile to my face was the hat.  I recently took up loom knitting and to get a knitted hat was such a kick!  I just finished a dishcloth, over the Thanksgiving holiday, with the same pattern.   I also got a book, Intimations of Austen: Stories Inspired by the Works of Jane Austen by Jane Greensmith; a box of candy canes and assorted chocolate candies (more in the bag).  The gift bag, sadly, received grievous wounds during transport.  I will not be able to reuse it. 🙁

Thanks, Heather, for the lovely gifts!! 😀

Below are the pictures (including two of the dishcloth and the project I’m currently working on).

Intimations of Austen

Intimations of Austen

Knitted Pink Ribbed Hat

Knitted Pink Ribbed Hat

Candy Canes, Chocolate, gift bag, and card

Candy Canes, Chocolate, gift bag, and card

The dishcloth that matches the hat. . .

Side 1 and

Side 1 and

Side 2

Side 2

. . .and the scarf that doesn’t.

Pink Scarf

Pink Scarf



Holiday Swap – Got Gifts! — 19 Comments

  1. What a nice gift! And I like your dishcloth, too– very even stitching!

    My person has received her box, too, or at least the Delivery Confirmation says so. But so far no word on the blog. I’m hoping she’s just waiting to open it closer to Christmas. Just so long as the neighbor’s dog didn’t get it or something! There was yummy chocolate in there!

    Enjoy your treats! I started reading Imitations a bit recently, on the side as a diversion. Good stuff!


    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m so proud of that dishcloth. It was the first time the stitches came out so nicely and I did a pretty good job with the finishing off part (weaving in the tails). I may have to frame it.

      The post office person scared me a little when she asked, almost ominously, “Will someone be home to sign for it?” I was like, “Uh, I guess.”

      I never heard of the book before, so I’m glad to hear something positive.

  2. Oooh, you got some lovely gifts 😀 And hopefully you’ll hear from your Santee soon. Maybe their blog has been busy with pre-scheduled posts and they’re waiting for the weekend to take pictures of their awesome loot?

    • Me thinks you’re right. 🙂 Either that or some neighbor’s dog has a new chew toy. 😉

      And I owe you ladies an email about my contributions to the emergency gift stash…

  3. It all looks really great! You must be a happy person indeed 🙂 Of course from now on you will need to put on your hat every time you use that dishcloth! 😛

    • Use the dishcloth?! Never! 😉 I plan to frame it (it’s the best piece I’ve done so far — stitches and finishing came out so nice).

      I’m jealous because the hat is so well made, even the finishing is perfect. And the yarns nice too. 🙂

    • Thanks!! Loom knitting is, from what I can tell, easier to learn than regular knitting. As far as equipment goes — you’re not manipulating two needles and the yarn at the same time. The stitches are the same and that means patterns can be adapted to the loom.

  4. Oh, how lovely! I love handmade presents. And Heather is such a sweetheart – and she sent great gifts! Happy holidays!

    • Thanks! Maybe by this time next year, I’ll feel confident enough to send handmade items. 🙂

  5. Yeah!!!! I’m so glad you received my gift! I hope the knitted hat it ok! It was a lot of fun knitting it for you and getting to know more about a fellow blogger! I hope you enjoy Intimations of Austen, so good! Have a merry Christmas!

    • I love the hat…even if my mother says it doesn’t fit. 🙄

      Thank you so much for the gifts and I hope you have a great holiday, too. 🙂