REVIEW – Skykeepers by Jessica Andersen



Title: Skykeepers
Author: Jessica Andersen
Copyright: 2009 (Signet); 454 pgs.
ISBN: 978-0-451-22770-6
Series: The Final Prophecy #3
Sensuality: Hot *

Who: Sasha Ledbetter and Michael Stone
Where: New Mexico (primarily)

Skykeepers is the 3rd book in The Final Prophecy series by Jessica Andersen. I would not recommend reading this book without reading the previous books.

In the first book, Nightkeepers, Ms. Andersen introduced the most of the major players and the readers got the opportunity to see a little of their lives just as they were finding out the truth of their heritage. However, one of the characters she did not “introduce” in this manner was Michael Stone. In the first two books, the reader only saw what others thought of him. To his fellow Nightkeepers, he was a pretty boy who liked nice, expensive clothes and probably partied more than he should. I think “shallow as a puddle” was even used in reference to him. He’s a disappointment to his winikin, Tomas, who believes Michael could have done better things with his life than being a tech salesman. Micheal had attended the FBI Academy, but washed out of the program.

The thing is, Micheal wanted to make a difference. He wanted to be an FBI agent, to be one of the good guys, but he has a secret and it is part of the reason he had to wash out of training. Since becoming a fully-fledged Nightkeeper mage, Michael has worked himself to near exhaustion to maintain control of his tainted magic. So far, he’s succeeding. What’s not helping him is the fact he can’t seems to get Sasha Ledbetter out of his head. Ever since her dossier landed on his desk, Micheal has been obsessed with finding her. She was taken prisoner by the Order of Xibalba because they believe she knows where her father hid the Nightkeeper library.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Sasha doesn’t believe in the mythical Nightkeepers. She grew up hearing the stories, but Ambrose’s obsession with the mages — his belief that they were real — drove a deep rift between them. She watched him go insane with the conviction. Sasha is Iago’s prisoner for a year, until rescued by the Nightkeepers. However, as far as she’s concerned, all that really happened is that she went from being a “guest” of one group of nut-jobs to another group. Sasha would rather go back to her life as a chef. Instead, she learns that she’s a bonafide Nightkeeper. It’s a lot to take in, and that’s just the beginning. With a missing library to find and a ticking count-down clock, Sasha has very little time to adjust to her new role. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a man who seems on one hand attracted to her and wants her, yet on the other hand is avoiding her and trying to push her away. Naturally, Sasha’s going to be pissed off.

Michael doesn’t want to hurt Sasha; he’s afraid of what might happen if he loses control. He wants to give her time to adjust. But the gods and the Order of Xibalba have their own agendas regarding the pair. Michael tries so hard to do the mature, rational thing — what he feels is the right thing to do — when dealing with Sasha. She’s looking for commitment, having been let down too many times. And as much as he’d like to give her that assurance, he doesn’t think he’ll have a future, and he won’t promise her something he can’t give her. Since this is a romance, Michael eventually finds a way for them to have their HEAWRATTSTW**, by doing things the “newfangled way”.

Unlike it’s predecessors, there is less head hoping in this book. Rabbit and Lucius are the only other “eyes” we see the story from. Rabbit is off at school, along with his girlfriend, Myrinne. As usual, his attempts to do something right, to make up for the mess he made in the past, doesn’t go well — he totally misses the significance of the images he sees, not realizing they point to a specific Nightkeeper, the one who could supposedly help him. I’m still rooting for the guy. Ms. Andersen mentioned that there will be a total of nine books, and I’m guessing that Rabbit and — presumably — Myrinne get their own story. My guess: the last book. 🙂

Then there’s Lucius. We don’t see much of him in this book, but he plays a significant part regardless of how little scene time he gets. The poor guy. I said, back when the first book came out, that I thought that Lucius would eventually play a major roll. And I was right. But. . .WOW. I’m looking forward to his book, Demonkeepers, which is due in April.

I continue to enjoy the overall story line and the characters.

* = Though the love scenes are few and not overly long, sex magic is an important part of this group’s culture and therefore a strong motivation for couples to hook up. The whole series should be labeled “Hot”.
** = happily ever after while racing against time to save the world.

Started: 5 August 2009
Finished: 17 August 2009

Favorite Quote:
“Love helps us break the patterns.”
— Rabbit




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Disclaimer: I purchased this book.

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