2009 2nds Reading Challenge – Incomplete



What: 2nds Reading Challenge
When: 1 January – 31 December 2009
Who: J. Kaye (J. Kaye’s Book Blog)
Rules: The challenge is to read a total of 12 books, written by authors that you have only read once before. The books do not have to be part of a series. List can be created/modified any time during the year.

Some are part of series. In the instances where I list only the author, I’ve left it open as to which book I’ll read — based on mood or other challenges.

Books in RED are on more than one list/alternate list

  • Hail to the Chef (Julie Hyzy) — 2nd in the White House Chef series {1 Jan 09} (REVIEW)
  • Ace is Wild (Penny McCall) {27 Feb 09} (REVIEW)
  • Kiss of Fury (Deborah Cooke) — 2nd in the Dragonfire series {20 Apr 09} (REVIEW)
  • Dawnkeepers (Jessica Andersen) — 2nd in the Final Prophecy series {15 Jan 09} (REVIEW)
  • The Contestant (Stephanie Doyle) {11 Jul 09} (REVIEW)
  • Duel of Hearts (Diane Farr) {21 Sep 09} (REVIEW) **pending **
  • The Wallflower (Jan Freed) {31 Aug 09} (REVIEW)
  • Bedded for Diamonds (Kelly Hunter) {11 Feb 09} (REVIEW)

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I did slightly better at this one.  Some of these, I’ve already read a third book written by them.

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