Anne Stuart Read-a-Fest Wrap-Up



What: Anne Stuart Read-a-Fest
When: 15 April – 15 October 2009
Who: Ana O. (Cosy Little World)
Rules: To read as many novels written by Anne Stuart in six months. No list required. Ana will be awarding prizes. To learn more and sign up, read the sign-up post.

01. Into the Fire {25 Apr 09} (REVIEW)

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To quote what I said in my October monthly update: “The Anne Stuart Read-a-Feast kind of disappeared. Well, not kind of at all. The host moved to a self-hosted site but didn’t carry over this challenge. I never asked why, but my guess is that there wasn’t much participation. As you can see, I only read one book. I had plans to read more, of course. And since there were no minimums, I’m counting it as a successful challenge. “

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