Reading Goals for 2010


With a move cross country pending this summer (thanks to the Base Re-Alignment Commission), I have to be really flexible about any goals I’m going to set for myself. I’m not going to bother with setting a total number of books for the year. I only managed to finish 36 in 2009. If you count the short stories and the DNFs, I got closer to my goal of 60.

So instead, there will be just general type of goals (some just blog related). For instance:

  • Get back to reading Star Wars novels — In 2009, I did not read a single book. I have a huge backlist of the novels.
  • Try to read more than one Georgette Heyer this year — I bought a few of her mysteries, so maybe I read one of each (romances and mysteries)
  • Finish the backlog of last year’s reviews — I have several left to do.  I posted one earlier today, here, with a new format.  I’m going to try using this new format for all reviews.
  • Finish re-posting the “lost posts” from the last time I tanked the blog — Yeah,  that’s still not done.
  • Fix, again, the Author Index — goes in hand with the above.
  • Track number of pages read — includes remembering to annotate the page # I stop at when I decide a book is DNF.
  • Try to read more than one “In Death” books — I will never get caught up with this one if I don’t
  • Use my Sony Reader more — I bought it mainly to stash books/short stories for the time of the move.
  • Look at my “books read” list from 2006-2008 and see if there’s a author I’ve been meaning to read again — and do so.
  • Do not get behind on 2010 reviews — even if it means not working on a 2009 backlogged one

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I’ll probably come up with several more after I post this.  🙄

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