REVIEW – Demon Inside by Stacia Kane

Demon Inside

Demon Inside

Title: Demon Inside
Author: Stacia Kane
Copyright: 2009 (Juno/Pocket); 353 pgs.
ISBN: 978-1-4391-5507-3
Series: Megan Chase #2
Sensuality: Warm
Genre: Fantasy

Possible spoilers for the 1st Book!

Previously . . . Three months ago, Megan defeated the Accuser and became the leader of the personal demons.

So, how’s that working out for her? Lousy, thanks for asking. Meg isn’t giving the personal demons the time and attention — and leadership — they expect from their gretneg (ruler); and as a psychologist, part of her isn’t comfortable with letting them run amok, feeding on other people’s misery. Meg has also refused to perform the ritual that will make her a full demon and give her access to greater power. She’s afraid of losing what makes her human. To make matters worse, someone — or something — is killing her demons rather messily.

Huh. So, how’s her practice and the radio show doing? The show? It must be successful, since it’s still on-air. Her practice? Well, not so good. The other partners are questioning her commitment and even she can’t deny she’s been acting oddly lately.

Is anything going right for her? Oh yeah. Her love life. Greyson Dante is still very much her lover. But Meg harbors a bit of doubt about their relationship. Fortunately, she doesn’t dwell endlessly about how long they’ll be together.

Ah, Greyson. Let’s hear more about him. If Greyson didn’t care about Meg, he would have let her flounder on her own when dealing with the demon world. As a gretneg-in-waiting, Greyson is aware of the responsibilities and expectations that come with the job. He wants Meg be a good gretneg. He doesn’t pressure her, though. Greyson advises her to perform the ritual, but it has to be her choice and he leaves it at that. He wishes that she would give up her practice because it interferes with her duties to the personal demons — and not for some alpha, chauvinistic reason. He supports her decisions and helps her the best he can.

A supportive demon lover and exploding minions. Anything else? It’s one of the worse weeks of Meg’s life, and just when she has real plans for Christmas, too. Someone tried to run her and Greyson of the road; and a death in her family brings her back to the place where all her demon problems started. Tagging along for support are the ever-loyal demon bodyguard brothers and Meg’s friends Brian the reporter and Tera the witch. Plus, we meet a friend of Greyson’s.

What I liked: The boys — Malleus, Maleficarum, and Spud. Greyson, of course, and the new character Nick. I liked the fact that Meg is conflicted about her status. It seems more realistic than it would have had she did the ritual just because Greyson said she should. She got dragged into the demon world against her will and it’s only natural that she fight for a normal life.

What I didn’t like: Demon rituals. Ew. What Meg had to do to beat the big bad. Double ew.

Recommended to: Those who read the first book. I would advise reading that one first, to see how they all met and to understand what happened to Meg.

Started: 25 February 2010
Finished: 15 March 2010


Liked A Lot

Disclaimer: I purchased this book.

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