Monthly Update – April 2010


One-quarter of the year has come and gone, so let’s see if I’ve accomplished any of my goals yet:

  • Get back to reading Star Wars novels — In 2009, I did not read a single book. I have a huge backlist of the novels. UPDATE:  read one in April!
  • Try to read more than one Georgette Heyer this year — I bought a few of her mysteries, so maybe I read one of each (romances and mysteries)
  • Finish the backlog of last year’s reviews — I have several left to do. I posted one earlier today, here, with a new format. I’m going to try using this new format for all reviews.  UPDATE: I was making progress with this until recently. 🙁
  • Finish re-posting the “lost posts” from the last time I tanked the blog — Yeah, that’s still not done.
  • Fix, again, the Author Index — goes in hand with the above.
  • Track number of pages read — includes remembering to annotate the page # I stop at when I decide a book is DNF. UPDATE:  Yes!!
  • Try to read more than one “In Death” books — I will never get caught up with this one if I don’t
  • Use my Sony Reader more — I bought it mainly to stash books/short stories for the time of the move.
  • Look at my “books read” list from 2006-2008 and see if there’s a author I’ve been meaning to read again — and do so.
  • Do not get behind on 2010 reviews — even if it means not working on a 2009 backlogged one UPDATE:  I was doing so good there for awhile.

Not as good as I had hope. When I set up this post in the beginning of April, I was thinking that I would have posted a least one backlogged review and be caught up with the current month’s by the end of it. I didn’t, and things aren’t likely to improve this month either. The moving company will be coming by to get an idea of how much stuff I really have (majority of which is in storage) and I be packing. Most of what I have to pack is books. One of the important tasks will be putting aside a few to have on hand through July, once the packers come to haul it all away in June.

2010 Books/Reviews

The backlogged 2009 reviews posted:

  • NONE

What’s still pending:

  • Duel of Hearts
  • Time Raiders: The Seduction (Cindy Dees)(Nocturne Bite)
  • For the Love of Pete
  • Three Bags Full
  • “Falling for Anthony” (Meljean Brook), Hot Spell(anthology)

Below is my status regarding the various challenges.

Challenges Completed this month:

Incomplete (Ended in March):

2009-2010 Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge: 2/6
Countdown 2010: 14/55
Harry Potter: 0/7
Random Reading: 1/12

2010 Challenges:
Contemporary Romance: 0/10
Harlequin/Silhouette: 1/6
“In Death” Challenge: 0/??
New Author: 1/20
Pub 2010: 3/10
Romance Reading:  1/5
What’s in a Name 3: 2/6
Year of the Historical: 1/12

Perpetual Challenges
Georgette Heyer:

~~ & ~~

Total (Month): 2
Grand Total (Year): 8

Total Pages Read (Month): 768
Grand Total (Year): 2,723

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