Suddenly, there they were


Has this ever happened to you?

Your browsing through your feed reader (or whatever) and you come across a book cover for a book that’s not out yet, but the couple on the front looks just like/reminds you of characters from a totally different book??

It happened to me recently.  I was just minding my own business and suddenly, there they were:

The hero had short blond hair and well-muscled.  The heroine had long brown hair and it looked like she could wield a sword.   It was them. . .

Kate and Curran.

The cover reminded a little of the scene in Magic Strikes, near the end of Chapter 27. They just defeated a silver golem and both are wounded. Kate chews him out and Curran swoops her into his arms and asks if she had been worried about him.

Here’s the book cover. Cassie Ryan’s Seducing the Succubus. Added to the wishlist.

“Kiss me and I’ll kill you,” [Kate] warned.
“It might be worth it,” [Curran] said softly.

Seducing the Succubus

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