Monthly Update – May 2010


With the packers coming in less than thirty days and the move itself less than 50, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get caught up before I leave for Kentucky. That might be good thing, as I really want to do a spoilerific write-up on Magic Bleeds. If I get it posted by Independence Day, I’ll be surprised.

I did better this month as far as number of books and total pages read. The last book, Secretive Stranger, was a random pick. I had finished the Andrews book and I hadn’t decided what to read next. My order from Harlequin come in, and as I was going through the box, I just picked up the book and started reading. I could have finished it in a day, but I put it aside. I kept coming back to Magic Bleeds, re-reading scenes and catching stuff I missed the first time. If it wasn’t for that, I could have squeezed in another book. Maybe. 🙂

2010 Books/Reviews

  • A Wicked Liaison (Merrill, Christine) — Countdown, Year of the Historical
  • The Battle Sylph (McDonald, L. J.) — Countdown, Pub 2010, New Author
  • Magic Bleeds (Andrews, Ilona) — Countdown, Pub 2010
  • Secretive Stranger (Greene, Jennifer) — Pub 2010, Countdown, Contemporary Romance, New Author, Random Reading, Romance Reading


The backlogged 2009 reviews posted:

  • NONE

What’s still pending:

  • Duel of Hearts
  • Time Raiders: The Seduction (Cindy Dees)(Nocturne Bite)
  • For the Love of Pete
  • Three Bags Full
  • “Falling for Anthony” (Meljean Brook), Hot Spell(anthology)

Below is my status regarding the various challenges.

Challenges Completed this month:

Incomplete (Ended in March):

2009-2010 Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge: 2/6
Countdown 2010: 18/55
Harry Potter: 0/7
Random Reading: 2/12

2010 Challenges:
Contemporary Romance: 1/10
Harlequin/Silhouette: 1/6
“In Death” Challenge: 0/??
New Author: 3/20
Pub 2010: 6/10
Romance Reading: 2/5
What’s in a Name 3: 2/6
Year of the Historical: 2/12

Perpetual Challenges
Georgette Heyer:

~~ & ~~

Total (Month): 4
Grand Total (Year): 12

Total Pages Read (Month): 1,173
Grand Total (Year): 3,886


Monthly Update – May 2010 — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been reading nothing but great reviews for Magic Bleeds and with you saying you’re re-reading I’m guessing you loved it too. 😀 I’ve got it but I’m trying to be good and finish what I’m reading before starting it. Definitely one of my favorite series.

    Good luck with the move. The farthest I’ve moved is from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA. (military move). It was stressful but also before we had kids so not as much stuff to move. 🙂

    • Oh my yes! It’s worth the wait. Once you finish it, Gordon’s already posted a Curran POV for it (I think this POV was the best so far and I loved the others). Definitely one of my favorite series, too. 🙂

      Moving is old hat for me. Dad spent over thirty years in the military and I’m used to moving. This is the longest I’ve been anywhere (10 years). Only reason I’m moving now is that I work for an Army command that was earmarked by the Base Closure and Realignment Commission. I get to keep the job I love and the US Government picks up the tab for the move. I’m single, no kids, and the bulk of what I own is already pack (and in storage since 2007), so most of what’s left is books. A LOT of them. Went a little nuts these last three years. 😉

      Which I will now go back to packing another box of them…

  2. I have just downloaded the entire Kate Daniels series from Amazon Kindle. I’ve been reading such amazing reviews that I bypassed the whole “put it on my list” thing and went straight for the purchase. This series is definitely on fire!

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