Monthly Update – July 2010


Packing. Moving. Unpacking. And more unpacking. And even more unpacking.


Officially . . . no.

However . . .

As I unpack the books, I’ve been known to stop and sometimes read a few pages (or more) of a book that’s caught my eye. I read the first two chapters of Georgette Heyer’s, Why Shoot a Butler?, and decided to take it to work and read it during lunch.

With all this non-reading going on, a couple of incomplete challenges ended this month. Instead of individual wrap-up posts, I’ll take care of that here:

What: Harry Potter Reading Challenge
When: 1 August 2009 – 31 July 2010
Who: Galleysmith
Rules: Read, or listen to, the seven books by the end of July 2010 (Harry’s Birthday!!). She’s giving away box sets of the books, plus other HP related stuff to be determined. Stop by her site and sign up using Mr. Linky.

I really did want to do this one. I could say that I “kinda-sorta” completed this challenge. My mother LOVES listening to these books on CD while she crochets or does needle work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Deathly Hollows in the last twelve months. Now that I’ve moved, I might have to invest in the set on CDs, just because I’ve lived with Jim Dale talking about Harry nearly ever night for the last two years. Thankfully, he has a nice voice.


What: Random Reading Challenge
When: 1 August 2009 – 31 July 2010
Who: Caribousmom
Rules: Randomly select books from TBR and assign a number. Using, pick a book to read. Visit her site for more precise instructions.

I’ll be doing LEVEL III – 12 Books

  1. Duel of Hearts (Diane Farr) — Announced // Reviewed
  2. Storm Born (Richelle Mead) — Announced //DNF
  3. Secretive Stranger (Jennifer Greene)  — Reviewed

I thought this one would be any easy one to complete. Oh well.


Now, for some pictures of the progress I’m making with unpacking and setting up my library:


Stuff to the gills

The picture above: the hutch on the right is stuff with Harlequins (Nocturnes, Superromances, Bombshell, Historicals, etc.). All unread. I had my keepers in there initially, but I saw at once that I was running out of room. The all-purpose media rack (center) is the temporary holding area for keepers (less Star Wars novels) and Georgette Heyer trade paperbacks.


Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Jane Austen

Above: Taller of the two cases house my read and un-read Star Wars novels. No attempt was made to put anything in order (other than the keepers stacked on the top). On the top of the shorter shelf is my Harry Potter books (minus the Deathly Hallows). I have two sets: hardcover and the young adult trade paperback. At the time, I hadn’t found either edition of Deathly Hallows. I also have two sets of Jane Austen’s six novels (the red books and the stack under them). When I took this picture, there were still too many unpacked boxes in the middle of the room, so I couldn’t get a decent shot of the shelf in the extreme left hand side of the picture. The case has four shelves, each crammed with three rows of 15 books each, plus what ever else could fit on the end. I have another bookcase (similar in size to the one the SW books are in) plus a small book shelf made by one of my brothers. Once I’ve done more unpacking, I’ll be able to place them with the ones pictured.


View from Across the Room

Above: After I took the middle picture, I turned and took the above picture (I may have had to step a little to the side to get past the boxes).

Since taking these pictures, I have emptied more boxes and moved stuff around. Once I’ve charged my camera, I’ll take some updated photos.

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