Resorting to Plan B



Last autumn, I crashed my blog (which I haven’t had the time to finish reposting “lost” entries). I was behind with the scribblings that I call “reviews” before the event, and I was about to participate in the Read-a-Thon. Needless to say, I’ve had this stack of books just waiting for me to do something. On top of this, there’s another Read-a-Thon coming up, which could only make things worse. So, I thought, “Hmm. Mini reviews”. Now that I’m almost completely settled into my new home, I’m going to try to do individual, quick reviews, with links (hopefully) to what others have said.

Below is the list. I’ve added notes:

  • Duel of Hearts ~~ may have to re-read this one (skip)
  • Time Raiders: The Seduction (Cindy Dees)(Nocturne Bite) ~~ short story, so I’ll skip
  • For the Love of Pete ~~ mini
  • Three Bags Full ~~ mini
  • “Falling for Anthony” (Meljean Brook), Hot Spell(anthology) ~~ first book in series is in TBR, will skip and re-read later.
  • The Battle Sylph (McDonald, L. J.) ~~ want to do a longer post,  first in a series
  • Magic Bleeds (Andrews, Ilona) ~~ either/or
  • Secretive Stranger (Greene, Jennifer) ~~ mini
  • Winter Kiss (Cooke, Deborah) ~~ either/or

Both Magic Bleeds and Winter Kiss are 4th books in my favorite on-going series. I can either yammer on about them, and be all spoiler-y in the process, or just be short. Whisper Kiss, book 5 in Cooke’s series, is currently sitting on my immediate “to read” list (potential Read-a-Thon candidate).

We’ll see how it all turns out.


Resorting to Plan B — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, what a useful (for me) blog, thank you! I don’t have much time to read whole books, so these reviews are like gold, since it takes me ages to decide what I want to read. Looking forward to read a review of Secretive Stranger – it sounds pretty interesting, hopefully it will be good.

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