REVIEW – For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper


NOTE: I read this book last October.

For the Love of Pete

For the Love of Pete

Title: For the Love of Pete
Author: Julia Harper
Copyright: 2009 (Forever); 372
ISBN: 978-0-446-61918-9
Sensuality: Warm
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From the back: Free-spirited Zoey Addler is about to hijack a federal agent. And not just any federal agent, but very Special Agent Dante Torelli, a man whose designer suits and Italian shoes are more GQ than FBI. But when her baby niece, Pete, is snatched right in front of her eyes, Zoey doesn’t hesitate to scramble into Dante’s spotless BMW. She needs his help to rescue the baby. . .if only she can ignore his Lips of Sin. Dante’s original mission is down the drain and he’s dodging bullets with a loopy redhead by his side. He likes quiet. She never shuts up. He likes to follow the rules. She throws the rules out the window. But these opposites do more than attract — they ignite. With a henpecked hit man running wild, cooking obsessed matrons chasing down contraband spices, and a relentless killer tracking them all, Dante and Zoey will risk everything. . .

Comments: It just goes to show you how much of my attention and focus was on moving this year: the book was on my Top Ten for 2009 and I had totally forgotten that fact. Though I forgot about the list, I didn’t forget the book itself. I found it very visual. In my mind’s eye, as I was reading it, I had a little movie playing along, and that helped it stay in my memory longer. What made it visual were the many action scenes. Shortly after the book starts, Dante, with the unwanted addition of Zoey, is off on a chase to rescue Petronella “Pete” Hernandez from a kidnapper.

The book is a “road romance”. Dante and Zoey are constantly one or two steps behind whichever person currently has Pete (it changes). This being the case, there are plenty of opportunities for the two characters to talk and get to know each other.

What I liked: Dante. He enjoys the finer things in life, yet he’s not as snobby as one would think, and he even believes that Zoey thinks he’s a total loser. He’s good with children, being an uncle himself. He had the patience to deal with a crabby baby when needed and not just insist the woman take care of the child. I also liked Zoey. She comes across as flaky, and maybe even a little flighty, but she’s very devoted to both her foster sister and niece. She needles Dante about everything from his car to what he eats, but he still manages to surprise her by having more depth than a puddle.

What didn’t work for me: The final chapter, featuring the Gupta sisters-in-law. The book started with Zoey and Dante and I thought their scene together should have been the final one. They are the main characters, after all. If the scenes had been reversed — catching up with Pratima and Savita-di first, then seeing Zoey and Dante — it might have been less jarring.

I would recommend it to: Readers who enjoyed Penny McCall’s Tag, You’re it! and/or Ace is Wild.

Started: 14 October 2009
Finished: 24 October 2009



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REVIEW – For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper — 4 Comments

    • So do I! I like her style. I tried reading one of her historicals and I just couldn’t get into the book. Same author, yet, because of genre constraints . . .totally different vibe, I guess.

      It’s the same reason some people can read J. D. Robb but not Nora Roberts.

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