2010 "Pub" Challenge – Completed


What: The 2010 Pub Challenge
When: 1 January – 31 December 2010
Who: 3M
Rules: Go to the challenge website for the full list of rules. Here are a few highlights: Read ten books, first published in 2010; no Young Adult or children’s books; crossovers with other challenges allowed.

The list.

(Eventually, these will all have reviews.)

~~ & ~~

My favorite? That’s easy. Magic Bleeds.
Least favorite? That’s hard. More than half the list consists of books from favorite series/authors. I would have to say the Christmas anthology, mainly because I didn’t enjoy the three stories equally — one of the three, I came close to not finishing at all.

This has been one of my favorite challenges. Since I haven’t seen anything to indicate it will be hosted again for 2011, I’m going to do this as a personal challenge, for myself. Not sure yet if I’ll track it here or off-line.


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