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Book Beginnings

Book Beginnings on Friday is hosted by Katy at A Few More Pages. How to participate: Share the first line (or two) of the book you are currently reading. Don’t forget to include the title and the author so others will what you’re reading. Optional: Share your thoughts about the lines (did you like them?). Post your link on the hostess’s blog.

The first thing the boy Garion remembered was the kitchen at Faldor’s farm. For all the rest of his life he had a special warm feeling for kitchens and those peculiar sounds and smells that seemed somehow to combine into a bustling seriousness that had to do with love and food and comfort and security and, above all, home. No matter how high Garion rose in life, he never forgot that all his memories began in that kitchen.Pawn of Prophecy (David Eddings)

The book actually starts with a prologue, which recounts ancient history of the world the book is set in. It’s epic fantasy, so the prologue is all about the world’s ancient gods and how the Orb of Aldur (aka, stone of power) was created. I liked the opening paragraph of chapter 1 more. It introduces you to the most important character: the hero.

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Friday 56

Hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice

Grab a book, any book.
Turn to page 56.
Find any sentence that grabs you.
Post it.
Link it here.

In mid-autumn that year, when the leaves had turned and the wind had showered them down from the trees like red and gold snow, when evenings were chill and the smoke from the chimneys at Faldor’s farm rose straight and blue toward the first cold stars in a purpling sky, Wolf returned. — pg 56, (Pawn of Prophecy ~ David Eddings)


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