2010 Romance Reading Challenge – Complete


What: 2010 Romance Reading Challenge
When: 1 January – 31 December 2010
Who: Naida (The Bookworm)
Rules: Read five romances, of any subgenre, in 2010. List can change at any time. Go here to sign up.

Naida doesn’t put requirements on the type of books. To make things more interesting, I like to set the limits myself.

  • Untameable Rogue (Hunter, Kelly) {9 Oct 10} (REVIEW)
  • Regency Christmas Proposals (Anthology) {30 Nov 10} (REVIEW)
  • In For A Penny (Lerner, Rose) {21 Sep 10} (REVIEW)
  • Demonkeepers (Andersen, Jessica) {20 Apr 10} (REVIEW)
  • Secretive Stranger (Greene, Jennifer) {31 May 10} (REVIEW)

~~ & ~~

Feeling a bit sorry for myself, I lifted the self-imposed restrictions on what I would count toward this challenge.  This is one of my favorite challenges, and I’m glad that Naida’s hosting again for 2011.

Thanks Naida!

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