2010 Year of the Historical – Incomplete


What: 2010 Year of the Historical Reading Challenge
When: January – December 2010
Who: KMont (Lurv a la Monde)
Rules: Copied from her post

Want more specifics on the kinds of books this challenge can encompass? We’re talking straight historical (English, French, Ancient History – The Clan of Cave the Bear, etc.); and historical romance (Regency, Georgian, Medieval, American, paranormal historical…). If the book takes place in a notable, or even a more obscure, history in time, it’s game. These can be adult themed or young adult. They can be rereads or new-to-you authors. They can be ones you’re reading for other challenges too.

01. Templar Knight, Forbidden Bride (Banning, Lynna) {24 Feb 10}
02. A Wicked Liaison (Merrill, Christine) {3 May 10}
03. In For a Penny (Lerner, Rose) {21 Sep 10}
04. Prospero’s Daughter (Butler, Nancy) {9 Oct 10}
05. Regency Christmas Proposals (Anthology) {30 Nov 10}

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My favorite: A Wicked Liaison by Christine Merrill
Most Unusual Romance Heroine: Miranda Runyon (Prospero’s Daughter)

In For a Penny was the only non-category historical. I have high hopes of actually reading more, non-category, historical romances next year. I have better luck finding books I like when it comes to Harlequin category romances than I do with the non-category, so next year should be interesting.

Thanks, K., for hosting this. Love the graphic, by the way. 🙂

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