Reading My Name

Reading My Name

Reading My Name
Duration: 1/1/11 – 12/31/11
Total Books Read: 15/21
Bonus Books: 4

First and Middle names: Titles Only (unless otherwise noted, and not counting A, An, or The)
CConvenient Marriage, The (Heyer, Georgette {18 Mar 11} (AUDIO)
HHunger Games The (Collins, Suzanne) {6 Apr 11}
RRenegade Angel (Castle, Kendra Leigh) {6 Jun 11}
SSong of Scarabaeus (Creasy, Sara) {23 Mar 11}
TTo Say Nothing of the Dog (Willis, Connie) {11 Mar 11} (AUDIO)
NNot Without Her Family (Andrews, Beth) {24 Jan 11}

LLord and the Wayward Lady, The (Allen, Louise) {30 Jan 11}
Y – ** Doesn’t have to be first word in title

Last Name: Title (first word, not counting An, A, or The) or Author’s First Name or Author’s Last Name.
L1. The Painted Lady (Metzger, Barbara) {10 Jan 11}
L2. Blood Spells (Andersen, Jessica) {20 Feb 11}
L3. Visions of Magic (Hastings, Regan) {24 Apr 11}
L4. A Taste of Magic (Madison, Tracy) {31 Mar 11}
L5. Red Heat (Bruhns, Nina) {22 Jun 11}
L6. Unchained (Ashwood, Sharon) {26 Feb 11}
L7. Halfway to the Grave (Frost, Jeaniene) {9 May 11}
L8. Frostbound (Ashwood, Sharon) {13 Jun 11}

BONUS — not necessary

Authors Named Christina/Christine:
01. Black Wings (Henry, Christina) {4 Jan 11}
02. Paying the Virgin’s Price (Merrill, Christine) {12 Mar 11}
03. Heiress in Love (Brooke, Christina) {20 Aug 11}
04. Black Night (Henry, Christina) {29 Oct 11}

Books Featuring Christina/Christine:

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