New Additions: 27-31 December

As of 31 Dec 2010

As of 31 Dec 2010

From Amazon (pre-ordered and/or gift certificate):

  • Crimson Wind (Diana Pharaoh Francis)
  • Captive Soul (Anna Windsor)
  • Hellforged (Nancy Holzner)

From Borders (gift card):

  • Before Midnight (Cameron Dokey)
  • A Curse as Dark as Gold (Elizabeth C. Bunce)

~~ & ~~

The books from Amazon are from series I haven’t started (yet). Thanks to the move, I accumulated a tidy sum of reward points this past year, so I earned several $25 Amazon Gift Certificates (another one is on it’s way). Usually, I put it towards books that haven’t been published yet, if I haven’t already ordered them. Sometimes, I look for books that catch my interest (published or pre-order), books that have long wait lists on Paperback Swap, or I just select books from my wish list.

As for the two from Borders, I signed up for a challenge (Retold Fairy Tales) and I wanted books that I knew fit the criteria. Before Midnight was one of the re-told Cinderella stories that caught my eye. I have another on my wish list.

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