New Additions: 1 – 8 Jan 2011

Week Ending 9 Jan 2011

Week Ending 9 Jan 2011

From (Pre-order and/or gift card):

  • Buffalo West Wing (White House Chef #4) (Julie Hyzy)
  • Taken By the Others (Jess Haines)

From Barnes and Noble (Gift Card):

  • The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (N. K. Jemisin)
  • Paranormalcy (Kiersten White)

~~ & ~~

I’ve been following the White House Chef series from the beginning. It will be my next read — reading this series in January has become a tradition for me. I haven’t started the series by Haines, but every time I see the title, I think of LOST (Others? Ben, Juliet, Ethan?)

The books from Barnes and Noble are books that caught my interest. I’m looking forward to reading them both.


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