Most Anticipated 2011 Non-Book


(It was going to be an “anticipated book” post but I found out about this. . .)

Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray

Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray

I didn’t even know it was available for pre-order. Amazon, how could you fail me so? 🙁 I would have expected a huge ad, heralding the event, right on the front page. But no, it’s the Kindle (phfft). I don’t care about the Kindle!! I care about Star Wars! On Blu-Ray!

It’s due in September. So, I’ll put a little money aside each month and it will be paid for when the bill comes due.  Too easy.  I ordered it from Amazon, of course. That’s a lot of points towards a $25 Amazon gift certificate and I have to fund my book habit somehow.

May the Force Be With You,

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