Bloggiesta 2011 – Finish Line



I don’t know how much time I spent working on my projects because I never paid any attention to the time I started or stopped. But I’m satisfied with the results.

What I didn’t get done:

  • Re-post the missing posts from “Blog Crash 2009”

What I DID get done:

  • Go through the Author pages in the “Index” tab and make sure all the books are linked to the review (if the review is done). Add any books that are pending. Put note next to any series that I’m NOT continuing due to lack of interest. I’ve started this — will pick back up in the A.M. with M-O Completed 22 Jan
  • Go through year tabs (2010 and 2011). Look for any missing links. Add challenges. Completed 22 Jan
  • Link to incomplete/completed challenge posts 2010 challenges updated.
  • Create draft post for all pending books Completed 22 Jan
  • Create draft post for all 12 monthly updates (even if it’s just the graphics and signature) Completed 23 Jan
  • Create a page for personal reading challenges — reading challenges I’ve seen other places, but I want to do differently than the guidelines. Completed and added to the “2011” tab on 23 Jan
  • Created separate page for “In Death” Reading Challenge Completed 21 Jan



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