New Additions: 17 – 22 January 2011

Week ending 22 Jan 2011

Week ending 22 Jan 2011

From Barnes and (Gift Card)

  • Iron Kissed (Patricia Briggs)

From local Used Book Store

  • Bone Crossed (Patricia Briggs)
  • Chosen by Desire (Kate Perry)
  • Must Love Hellhounds (Anthology) (RE-PURCHASE)
  • Hellfire (Kate Douglas)
  • Ravishing in Red (Madeline Hunter)
  • Provocative in Pearls (Madeline Hunter)
  • Dragon Actually (G. A. Aiken)
  • Shadow Fall (Erin Kellison)
  • The Last Twilight (Marjorie M. Liu) ****
  • The Wild Road (Marjorie M. Liu)

(****= After I bought the books and took the picture, I realized this was a duplicate. It’s in good condition, so I’ll post it to Paperback Swap)

~~ & ~~

I paid a visit to my local used book store this past week.  It’s small.  Someday, I go in there and stay several hours.  They could do a better job shelving.  I stumbled across the Madeline Hunter books by accident.  They were not shelved anywhere near the other H-named historical romance authors.   As for the re-purchased anthology — I have the tradepaper back and I rather have the mass market.  It was in very good condition, too, so that played a major part in the decision.

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