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Magician's Gambit (David Eddings)

Title: Magician’s Gambit
Author: David Eddings
Narrator: Cameron Beierle
Length: Unabridged (11 h, 33 m)
Published: 2003 (Books in Motion)
Genre(s): Fantasy
Start: 15 January 2011
Finished: 28 January 201l
Source: Library

From Ce’Nedra, Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, is confused. Everyone knows the tales of the Orb protecting the West from the evil god Torak are just silly legends. But here she is, forced to join a dangerous quest to recover that stolen Orb. No one believes in sorcery, but Garion’s aunt and grandfather seem to be the fabled sorcerers Polgara and Belgarath, who would have to be thousands of years old. Even young Garion is learning to do sorcery. He’s just a farm boy, totally unsuitable for an Imperial Princess. Yet for some reason, she has the urge to teach him, brush back his tangled hair, and comfort him. But he is going to a strange tower in the center of all he believes evil, to face some horrible, powerful magician, and she can’t be there to watch over him. She may never see him again! Thus continues The Belgariad, an epic prophecy still unfolding..

Why this book?
It is the third book in the Belgariad, a favorite series of mine that I’m re-discovering in audio format. Since I’m very familiar with the story and characters, this is more my thoughts on the audiobook experience than a review of the story.

My notes for Magician’s Gambit are sketchy. I didn’t take time to write much down. Mostly, I noted I’ve been pronouncing Taiba wrong (it sounds like TIE-ba).

This book also differs from the others in the fact that we see some of it through the eyes of Ce’Nedra.

The major characters introduced:  Aldur’s other disciples, Beldin and the twins Beltira and Belkira; the Holy Gorim of Ulgo and Relg; Taiba, the Marag slave woman; Adara;  the gods Aldur, Mara, and UL;  Errand; Ctuchik; Taur Urgras; Yarblek, the wily Nadrak trader is briefly introduced, and just like in the books, he’s one of my favorite side characters.

Significant events — birth of the colt in the special cave; the death of Brill; confronting Ctuchik.

Mini Badge

Story: 4 Stars
Overall Reading: Very Good
Characters: Good


For 2011 “pages read”: 305 pages (own a paperback copy of book)

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