2012 By the Dozen Challenge


Name: 2012 By the Dozen Challenge
Type: Personal
Duration: 1 January 2012 – 31 December 2012

For 2012, I’m going to focus more on doing my own, personal, reading challenges. This doesn’t mean that I won’t sign up for other challenges. I love finding ways to cross-challenge books, but I probably won’t sign up for as many as I have in the past and I’ll look for low/flexible requirements.

I came up with this challenge when I decided that I wouldn’t do another “Countdown” type, but I still wanted to do something like my list I dubbed “the Sweet Sixteen”. I decided on three sets of 12 books, each set based on a certain criteria. I almost made it four dozen, but that fourth group was better suited for its own challenge since it wouldn’t fit the “1 January t0 31 December” time frame.

The three categories are:

The 1st Dozen: Twelve Books first published in 2012 – that pretty much sums it up.
The 2nd Dozen: Perpetual – On-going goal to read books by Georgette Heyer, the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU), and the “In Death” series.
The 3rd Dozen: Chipping away at series — this was the basis for the challenge and is a continuation of what comprised the “Sweet Sixteen” list this year.

I’ve created a separate page for tracking, which I will eventually post.

Note: Due to the excessive amount of spam, I’ve added a password plugin. Please don’t let that discourage you from commenting.


2012 By the Dozen Challenge — 2 Comments

  1. Very interested to learn more about your Sweet Sixteen idea. I love this new challenge. I’m tempted to try my hand at a different countdown challenge as well since this coming year could be pretty crazy.

  2. Lauren,

    Well, a year ago, as a New Year’s resolution, I came up with a list of books that I was determined to read. It was like, “2 Georgette Heyer novels”, “2 “In Death” books”, etc. The total ended up being 16 books — it wasn’t even planned that way and it never became a stand-alone personal challenge. Instead, the list became the base list for the “Off the Shelf Challenge” I signed up for.

    The Countdown challenges have been fun and I think I did better this time than any other, but I know I’ll never complete it.

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