2012 Reading Has Its Rewards Challenge


2012 Reading Has Its Rewards Challenge
Type: Personal
Duration: 1 January – 31 December 2012
Purpose: To raise money for First Book; to make a larger dent in my “to be read” pile and to reward myself for reading older books.

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I wanted to do something different in 2012, in regards to reading and challenges. Hanging out Goodreads and seeing the different types of personal reading challenges/goals, plus just looking at the different challenges I’ve done in the past, an idea started to form. It’s all well and good to track number of pages or books read, but why not create incentives for reaching certain milestones, and tie it all to a charitable purpose? Thus, the “Reading Has Its Rewards” challenge was born. I came up with a points system, based on when I added the book to my reading pile, how many pages it is, and if it’s part of a series and where it is in that series. Below are my basic goals, what I hope to achieve by 31 December 2012:

Number of Books: 80
Dollar Amount per Book: $2.00
Number of Point: 20,000
Number of Pages: 30,000

I’ve posted the rules and details here. It’s pretty elaborate — you can’t say I didn’t warn you — and I’m not sure how I’m going to track it online. Monthly updates? The master reading list? A separate page? A combination? Probably a combination. I’ll have to wait and see just how time consuming it becomes. Monthly updates for sure.

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