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Book Blogger Holiday Swap – I’m a little late getting this posted. I got the package last week. My Santa was Ovrelia.  The box came from Amazon — I do love coming home to find a box that smiles at me — so there was no wrapping paper to deal with.  She sent me three books from my wishlist, and a mug and the first book in one of her favorite series.  The books from my wishlist were:

  • Soulless (Gail Carriger) –  I’m glad I got this.  I had a copy, back when it was first publish, but posted it on Paper Back Swap during a book purge, and since regretted it.
  • The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook) – So, I’m a fan of Ilona Andrews and recently became a fan of Nalini Singh and Jeaniene Frost.  Other than one short story, I haven’t really given Ms. Brook a fair shot.  I really liked the sound of this series and felt it would be easier than jumping into her Guardian series.  Speaking of Jeaniene. . .
  • Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Jeaniene Frost) –  I started the Night Huntress series this year and liked it enough to put the books from the Night Huntress World on my wishlist.  I got the first one earlier this year during a Summer book exchange.

And that leaves Dead Until Dark (Charlaine Harris).  I feel bad about that, as in “Oh, no!  She spent money on something I already had!”  But what makes me feel even worse. . .see my master reading list and scroll to the end of the page. 🙁

Thank you, Ovrelia, for the pretty mug and the books.  I’m sorry you didn’t know about my experience with Sookie Stackhouse.

Book Blogger Holiday Swap 2011

Book Blogger Holiday Swap 2011

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Book Geeks Gift Exchange – I also got my gift from my Book Geeks Secret Santa.  When I signed up for the exchange, I submitted a short list of books instead of creating a separate Amazon Wishlist.  And promptly forgot what I put on the list.  Fortunately, I keep my master wishlist hidden, so I knew I wouldn’t accidentally get the same book from a family member.   In some ways, it really was a surprise when I opened the gift.  But that wasn’t the only mystery.

The package came from Amazon, so there was no return address.  There wasn’t a gift receipt either, so I had no idea who sent the book.  I’m not sure if that was intentional or not — and I say that because, sometimes, when I order books and they come in a big envelope instead of the box, I don’t always get a receipt from Amazon.  I wonder if it has something to with that particular fulfillment center.

My Secret Santa stopped by on the 8th and left a comment on my November Update post.  Her name is Kimberley.  As you can see below, the book she sent me is Under Attack by Hannah Jayne.  It’s the second book in the series.  I haven’t read the first one yet, but I’ve read an excerpt and liked it enough to put the second book on my list (that’s been my way lately).

Thank you, Kimberley.  I hope you have a great holiday season! 😀

Book Geek 2011
Book Geek Book Exchange 2011

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From My Secret Santas — 2 Comments

  1. Amazon is mysterious. I also got one book in an envelope instead of the expected box this year. I think it has to do with certain books coming from some mysterious *other* distribution center! Glad you’re happy with your gift and hope you like that series! It looks interesting.

    • Thanks! 😀

      I live in Kentucky and I’ve noticed that I tend to get most of my orders from Lexington or Indiana — I don’t remember where that package came from.

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