WU2011 Read-a-thon – Off to a Slow Start


A sinus headache, which led to a nap, put me behind schedule yesterday. I’m still a bit behind schedule, but if I get everything done that I want to get done today, I can read all day tomorrow.

Update for 22 December 2011:

Currently Reading: First Grave on the Right (Darynda Jones)

  • Number of hours: 2
  • Number of pages: 66 (closer to 75, I had to backtrack a bit)
  • Number of Books Completed: 0

I tried to visit all the blogs who posted links on Jessie’s blog. I know I missed a few and I see that a few more have been added. I plan to visit the ones I missed — maybe today. I know it’s not necessary, but I want to see what everyone is reading and it’s such a small group, there’s really no excuse. 😉

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