Top 10 Week – Book Boyfriends of 2011



I have a confession to make.

When it comes to book boyfriends. . .I’m monogamous.

You read that right. I only have one book boyfriend.

I can hear you saying, “Crazy woman! Why, with the smorgasbord available, would you settle for just one? The book-world is your oyster, girlfriend! We won’t judge.”

Yeah, I know. It’s just. . .I don’t know. It just the way I am, I suppose.

To me, “book boyfriend” implies someone who stays with you after you close the book, or he’s a central character in a series (like Harry Potter or Harry Dresden). I read a lot of romance series (paranormal or otherwise) this year. Oh, I may have fallen in love with the guy during his book — all those DarkRiver Sentinels, who can resist a damaged hero? — but they don’t stand a chance against the reoccurring hero.

I started more series that have reoccurring leads (new-to-me or debuts), but none have grown on me yet to the point of counting them as “book boyfriends”. Adam (from the Mercy Thompson series) has a slight edge, since he’s a shifter, but I don’t know him well enough. Bones (Night Huntress) doesn’t stand a chance: he’s a vampire and I’m picky about them. Jeff Martini (Katherine “Kitty” Katt series) is a hoot, but again, I just started the series.

The irony? I loved my book boyfriend from the first book.

So, who is he?

Here’s some hints: The series has been around for five years. In that time, he’s walked through fire, literally, to help the heroine on two separate occasions. In the heroine’s own words:

No matter where I was or how much trouble I was in, he would come to get me.  He would demolish the city to find me. I didn’t have to go at it alone.

Here’s another hint:


How about this hint?


Still no idea?  How about this one?


Still not sure? Here’s one last clue:

Magic Slays (Ilona Andrews)

My book boyfriend is Curran, Beast Lord of Atlanta. In Magic Slays, he tells Kate emphatically he loves her and that she’s more important to him than the Pack. After the events in Magic Bleeds, he’s more than ready to leave Atlanta and the Pack, if Kate would feel safer someplace else. And Kate really needed to hear that from him in this book.

Even without Gordon Andrews’ Curran POV shorts, I would still have loved him, but those little insights have both reinforced my understanding of him and added to it.  My favorite, so far, is Curran’s reaction to Kate in Bernard’s (a scene from Magic Bleeds).

So.  There you have it.  My contribution to today’s topic.  And in honor of Book Boyfriends, I present this “musical interlude”.  I originally wanted to go with Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”, but the official music video, with Bonnie dressed as a Western schoolmarm and fleeing her burning house, just turned me off — and I couldn’t find another I liked.  Thankfully, I remembered this song, which works just as well.  ENJOY!

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Top 10 Week – Book Boyfriends of 2011 — 14 Comments

    • Thanks! I was up way too early this morning, trying to figure out how to present this post, since I goofed off yesterday. I really tried to have a list of 10 (1 book boyfriend + 9 guy friends). I failed.

  1. After reading your post about how Adam (Mercy Thompson series) and Bones(NightHuntress) couldn’t compare to Curran, i’ve decided I must find out more about him. I am definitely going to have to move this book up on my tbr list. Thanks! 🙂

    • Adam has a chance, though. I’ve read two books, so he’s still got a chance.

      Kate and Mercy have a lot in common. They could get together for some tea and commiserate with each other about the alphas in their lives.

  2. I love Curran too, but since he’s the only one you want and I have 9 others I’m happy to let you have him. (don’t thank me, seriously, it’s fine)

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