Favorite Books of. . .2008?


I was updating links on various yearly pages — up in the menu bar above — when I remembered, I never posted my top ten reads of 2008.  Initially, I had a hard time deciding — just like last year — but a some point, I made a list.  And never did anything with it.

Until now.

I also don’t have a 2010 list posted, but that’s because I didn’t read as much that year, due to the move.  I’m thinking of just picking a few and calling the list “My Favorites”.

So. . .I present – 2008 Top 10. I’ve quoted my reviews and linked to the full post.

(And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know what I picked as #1)

10. Guardian’s Keep (Lori Devoti) – “Loved it. From the Passages Pro software (is it Vista compatible?) to Kelly’s uninvited house-guests.”

09. Silent in the Grave (Deanna Raybourn) – “I loved the characters. I loved the Crown raven. The touches of humor.”

08.  Snowbound (Janice Kay Johnson) – “I loved this book.  It’s emotional, especially the last third of the book.  I thought the story unfolded believably, and the characters were likable (the hero is a reader). “

07.  To Hell with Love (Sherri Erwin) – “An unconventional romance, with a bittersweet ending you can see coming a mile away. Yet it still managed to move me to tears — which is no small feat, as I don’t cry easily. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hear “You Are My Sunshine” again without getting choked up.” (Note: Other than my favorite quotes and the summary, this is the entirety of my review).

06.  Black Ice (Anne Stuart) – “Wow. Yes, Bastien isn’t your typical romance hero, and that’s what makes him interesting. A ruthless agent tired of the “at any cost” mandate of the agency he works for, Bastien is beyond burnout.”

05.  Wife for a Week (Kelly Hunter) – “I was charmed by the book and there were several laugh-out-loud moments for me. I liked Nick, Clea, and Hallie.”

04.  Twist (Colby Hodge) – “There is a lot of action in this book.  Ever seen an episode of Buffy, especially one with a lot of slayage?  Speaking of the vampire slayer, the author is a fan of Joss Whedon and there are several references to him or his shows.  There are other pop culture references, from Grey’s Anatomy to The Princess Bride.”

03. The Spymaster’s Lady (Joanna Bourne) – “I loved Annique. At the risk of repeating what others have said, Annique is very French. Her observations and commentary had me chuckling.”

02.  Dark Deceiver (Pamela Palmer) – “I really loved this book. I loved watching Kaderil’s transformation from the Punisher to the man who would forsake even his life to save the human world — all for the woman he loved. Ms. Palmer added a little more to the world-building with the backstory of how the stones ended up in our world. The book ends with the possibility of more stories to come. I can’t wait to see what she does next!”

And the Number 1 book (surprise, surprise):

01.  Magic Burns (Ilona Andrews) – “Writing a coherent review has become impossible to do. Every time I’ve sat down to do it, I end up picking up the book and re-reading parts of it. I loved this book. I love the characters.”

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