Techical Difficulties


At some point, in the last few days, something happened here on my blog.  It caused my blog to reverted to an earlier date — from the looks of it, it rolled back to the end of January.

Fortunately, I only posted twice since then — I subscribe to my own RSS feeds so I can recreate the missing blog posts.  They were my monthly updates.

Unfortunately, any comments made after 31 January are also gone, unless I can find the email notifications.  I think there was only one and I have the email notification still, so I can added it to the page it should be on.  I apologize to the commenter.  I don’t want them to think I deleted it as spam.  And I owe that person a thanks because that’s what really made me realize that something was afoot — I hadn’t noticed the missing blog posts.

Also, I don’t know what other minor updates are missing.  Hopefully, nothing major.

I’ve contacted Bluehost, my host.  And the best we can figure — I updated a plugin and that caused the problem.


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