Monthly Update – February 2012



Bookshelf bingo started again at on 5 February. Five of the nine books were for the game, and I was happy that I could squeeze in a few extra between shelf announcements. Plus, I managed a bit of variety, too.  There was a glitch during my reading. One of the books I picked had pages missing in the middle!  I had to choose another book for the game while waiting for a replacement copy.  I completed it at the beginning of March.

As I stated yesterday in my monthly Reading Has Its Rewards update, I haven’t done as well as I hoped with page totals, but I’m pleased with the points tally so far.  I’m not sure I’ll make 80 books by then end of the year, but I’m confident that I will make reach the lower goal of 65 I’ve set for Goodreads.  Something I noticed after I posted the update:  I’m pretty sure I will meet the “25 books by 30 April” milestone goal.

Since bingo requires some type of write-up/review in order for the teams to get their stamp, I’ve been pretty good about cross-posting those here, so I don’t have the same issue I had last year.  I’ve fallen a bit behind with the cross-posting, but that’s nothing compared to what was left unwritten at the ending of last year.

I’m still happy with my progress with the various challenges.  Once bingo ends, I will assess my status and try to wrap up some of the shorter ones early.  At the end of March, I will official make the RITA challenge a perpetual one.

Books Read

Note: All books count toward my personal “Reading Has Its Rewards ” challenge. Exceptions will be noted.
  • A Warrior’s Desire (Pamela Palmer) {3 Feb 12} – By the Dozen (2012), Spec Fiction, Men in Uniform
  • Paranormalcy (Kiersten White) {6 Feb 12} –  Mt. TBR, Off the Shelf, Spec Fiction, Bingo
  • The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook) {12 Feb 12} – Bingo
  • Footsteps in the Dark (Georgette Heyer) {17 Feb 12} – By the Dozen (Heyer), Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR, Bingo, Georgette Heyer
  • Shadow Touch (Marjorie M. Liu) {20 Feb 12} – By the Dozen, Mount TBR, Off the Shelf, Bingo
  • Murder on Washington Square (Victoria Thompson) {21 Feb 12} – By the Dozen, Mount TBR, Off the Shelf, Men in Uniform
  • Winter’s Edge (Anne Stuart) {22 Feb 12} – Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR, What’s in a Name, Harlequin (weather)
  • Talk to Me (Jan Freed) {25 Feb 21} – Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR
  • Seduced by Shadows (Jessa Slade) {29 Feb 12} – Bingo, Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR, Spec Fiction, Romance

The backlog — whether from last month or last year.
  • NONE

Note: Audio “pages” will be counted separately.
  • NONE

Challenges Completed this month:

Incomplete (Ended in February):

= Will complete; = Maybe; X = Won’t

2011-2012 Challenges:
X Reading the RITAs – 3/24

2012 Challenges:
By the Dozen (personal) – 7/36
Fairy Tales Retold – 0/3
Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge -2/6
Harry Potter Reading Challenge – 0/7
Men in Uniform Reading Challenge (1-5) – 3/?
Mount TBR Reading Challenge – 11/40
Off the Shelf Reading Challenge – 11/30
Romance Reading Challenge – 2/5
Sci-Fi Reading Challenge (6-10) – 2/?
Speculative Fiction Challenge – 5/6
What’s in a Name 5 Reading Challenge -1/6

2012-2013 Challenges:
Year of the Dragon Reading Challenge(personal/GoodReads) – 0

Perpetual Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge (Month): 0
101 Fantasy Challenge (Year): 0
Grand Total since 2009: 6
~~ & ~~
Georgette Heyer (Month): 1
Georgette Heyer (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2008: 5
~~ & ~~
In Death (Month): 1
In Death (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2010: 1

Totals (Monthly/Yearly)

Total Read (Month): 9
Total Heard (Month): 0
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 15
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 15
~~ & ~~
Total Audio Hours(Month): 0
Total Audio Hours (Year): 0h, 0m
~~ & ~~
Total Pages Read (Month): 2,947
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 4,698
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 4,698

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