Monthly Update – June 2012


Six months down, six to go.

One of the things I had planned for this monthly update was to indicate which challenges I had decided to drop.  During the updating the various pages, I realized just how badly I was tracking the 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge.  I’ve been working off a list I made back in 2009 — and hadn’t bothered, really, to re-look at the master list.  I was about to drop this challenge — until I noticed that I had already read five books this year that were on the list, two of which were in the top 101.  Looking back at what I’ve read (and the audiobooks) since 2010, I found eleven more books.  I even counted Dead Until Dark, even though it was a DNF.  I’ve updated the page and the totals below, to reflect the correct information.  The end result of this little, and unexpected, project is that I will continue the challenge for the remainder of the year.  After that, I’ll have to see.

As for the other challenges, most are either ones I will continue, or attempt to complete.  There are really only three I plan to drop: the Harry Potter Reading Challenge, the Fairy Tales Retold Challenge, and Reading the RITAs Challenge.  As much as I wanted to do the Harry Potter re-read, I’ve been focusing on putting a dent in my ever-growing reading pile.  Even my plans to re-read Austen hasn’t panned out (I started Emma on my e-reader — have to get a better e-edition).  And as far as the RITAs, well, I’m shelving that version of it for now.

I did complete a challenge this month.  My goal for the Off the Shelf Challenge was 30 books.  I’m so pleased with the results — yes, even though 13 of them I acquired in 2011, 17 have been on my shelves well over a year.  For that reason, the only books that will count for the remainder of the Mt. TBR Challenge are those I’ve had since 2010 or earlier.  My goal for that is 40 books, so I only need nine more.

I read seven books this month.  I will not be continuing the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost (I just realized I had too many n’s in her name — and I used the misspelled entry to cut/paste the info on all my other lists *sigh*).  However, I will give her spin-offs a try.  I will be reading another Harry Dresden book at some point.  And, it seems, the month of June was was brought to you by the letter “J”:  Jim, Jeaniene, Jeanne, and Jeannie.  I swear I didn’t plan it that way — and for the record, it’s no wonder I spelled Jeaniene wrong!

Books Read

Note: All books count toward my personal “Reading Has Its Rewards ” challenge. Exceptions will be noted.
  • One Foot in the Grave (Jeaniene Frost) {9 Jun 12} – 101 Fantasy, By the Dozen, Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR
  • Last of the Winter Roses (Jeanne Savery) {13 Jun 12} – Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR,
  • Storm Front (Jim Butcher) {16 Jun 12} – 101 Fantasy, Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR
  • Children of Scarabaeus (Sara Creasy) {22 Jun 12} – Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR, Sci-Fi
  • Midnight Awakening (Lara Adrian) {23 Jun 12} – By the Dozen, Off the Shelf, Mt. TBR
  • A Secret in Her Kiss (Anna Randol) {24 Jun 12} – By the Dozen, Romance Reading
  • Butterfly Swords (Jeannie Lin) {29 Jun 12} – Mt. TBR

Challenges Completed this month:
Off the Shelf Reading Challenge – 30/30

Incomplete (Ended in June):

= Will complete; = Maybe; X = Won’t

2012 Challenges:
By the Dozen (personal) – 21/36
X Fairy Tales Retold – 0/3
Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge -3/6
X Harry Potter Reading Challenge – 0/7
Mount TBR Reading Challenge – 31/40
Romance Reading Challenge – 3/5
Sci-Fi Reading Challenge (6-10) – 3/?
What’s in a Name 5 Reading Challenge – 4/6

2012-2013 Challenges:
Year of the Dragon Reading Challenge(personal/GoodReads) – 2

Perpetual Challenges:
101 Fantasy Challenge (Month): 2
101 Fantasy Challenge (Year): 5
Grand Total since 2009: 17
~~ & ~~
Georgette Heyer (Month): 0
Georgette Heyer (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2008: 5
~~ & ~~
In Death (Month): 0
In Death (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2010: 1
~~ & ~~
X Reading the RITAs (Month): 0
Reading the RITAs (Year): 1
Grand Total since 2011: 3

Totals (Monthly/Yearly)

Total Read (Month): 7
Total Heard (Month): 0
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 47
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 48
~~ & ~~
Total Audio Hours(Month): 0
Total Audio Hours (Year): 7h, 19m
~~ & ~~
Total Pages Read (Month): 2,250
Grand Total w/o Audiobooks (Year): 15,389
Grand Total w/Audiobooks (Year): 15,769

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